At YogaMos, our focus is simple...  Traditional yoga and spirituality for contemporary times.  Using movement, bodywork, self-study and more importantly breath, to remove ourselves from a place of stress, anxiety, fear, addiction, anger, etc. and into a true sense of self, comfort, and ease.  

Through dialogue, readings, and teachings we will begin to observe how we act and react within our own lives, how we move and operate in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  How the voice within us operates. And, how to find a closer relationship between what the mind tells us in comparison to what the heart knows to be true.

Of course, most of us start yoga for the physical benefits ( and we have a high regard for posturing and alignment), but as we find balance between the movement and the breath, and merge the two together, we begin to realize what this practice is all about. At that point it may be time to delve deeper into our spiritual world. By accessing our 2nd floor wellness center, you can take your practice (remember it is not necessary to have a physical practice to reap the benefits of the wellness center) to another level by utilizing more methods for healing and transformation. 

"Move and be Moved"