stephanie at age 4  

Stephanie MoDavis



Stephanie has been immersed in all things yoga since 1998, when at 19 years of age, she was introduced to the Ashtanga method through a professional dance company. 

Her practice was vigorous for many years until 2003 when a devastating illness shifted her idea of what yoga was. At that point she drew upon the deepest emotional aspects of the practice to guide her through a life changing period in her life. She was given a second chance in 2006 when she received a life saving kidney transplant donated by Chris MoDavis who is also a yoga teacher. After her recovery, it was obvious what her calling was, to teach yoga and guide students on a spiritual journey back to themselves and their fullest potential.

She specializes in proper, safe alignment while delving into the energetic/emotional body. She has a deep rooted understanding of how our emotions, traumas and attitude can affect our health and well-being. Her passion is spiritual advising through the methods of energywork, intuitive guidance and chakra balancing. The goal is to assist  in unlearning ancestral templates and emotional patterns that hold us back from our fullest potential. 

Her primary mentors are Seane Corn, Anodea Judith, Caroline Myss,  Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, David Swenson, and Richard Freeman.



Vanessa  discovered yoga on her journey to health and well-being. Drawn to the amazing physical benefits of yoga, she soon found the benefits of the mind-body connection, deepening her practice. This connection between the mind, body, and breath is what inspires Vanessa. This inspiration lead her to become a Yoga Teacher. After working with others she found that stress was a deep seeded problem for many. This lead her to become a Reiki Master as well as to study Reflexology with Laura Norman. She finds great value in these modalities that relieve tension in the mind and body. It is a great joy for her to work with others to promote grace and happiness for all beings.

Vanessa received her 200hr. Vinyasa Yoga teacher certification from Yoga People in Brooklyn, NY. She progressed to obtain her Prenatal Certification at Karma Kids in NY. Since relocating to the Lehigh Valley, she studied and received her kids yoga training with Child Light Yoga as well as her Reiki Master certification and is expanding into the study of Reflexology. She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers and students.

Tina Tynecki


Tina is, among many things, a wife, daughter, best friend, and lover of nature, who came to yoga following the traumatic loss of her father. She quickly experienced the gentle teaching, soulful guidance and accepting spirit that YogaMos has to offer the community. As she became a regular fixture at class, she craved more and more information about the yoking of yoga's spiritual, mental and physical benefits.

Her personal home yoga practice brought moments of healing that allowed her to reach forward and extend far beyond the mat. This personal growth, brought on by her practice and dedication, positively affected her relationships, calmed her spirit, and opened her consciousness to weird and wonderful things.

When Stephanie and Chris approached her to teach at YgoaMos, her heart was bursting. It still is. She wants you to experience living authentically, embracing a genuine spirit, and a soulful transparency. She can't wait to share that energy and the beneficial gifts of yoga with you.

Favorite things: gardening, hiking, fishing, her husband James and their puppy Tonka.


Meg Letts


Meghan was first introduced to the healing and joy of yoga at age 14 by her mother. Her teaching style is one that is guided through the heart and intuition. She has experience in various  forms of yoga including bhakti, vinyasa, yin, hatha, and kundalini. Meghan completed her M.A. in Religious Studies focusing on Yoga Philosophy & History, diving deep into the depths of various ancient wisdom texts, practices, and mythologies of India. She has spent a great deal of her adult life living in ashrams and soaking in the yogic teachings of influential teachers and personal mentors while applying what she has learned into modern day life.


Meghan’s journey into the depths of yoga study eventually led her into the chaos and grace of India. Her yoga practice was tested over and over again in the midst of India’s uncertainty where each day is taken moment by moment for there is no certainty in the next day. She returned to the states completely transformed and more ready than ever to fully devote herself to the healing of the collective, both human and nature, seeing that we either fall together, or we rise together in community, forgiveness, acceptance, and heartfelt connection.



Carol Kelly


CAROL'S  journey began in 1991, as a way to relieve stress and indulge in a much needed 1.5 hour weekly break from my then full-time career as a stay-at-home mother of four active children. From that very first class, I was hooked and noticed immediate positive results. As a result of frequent job transfers throughout the years, moving from the East coast to the Midwest, before settling in Pennsylvania and also landing in several different states; resulting in some unfortunate breaks from a steady yoga practice but this also allowing the opportunity to study with a wide variety of teachers from many different locales. Having studied nearly exclusively with a Senior Iyengar teacher for two years, I developed an appreciation for alignment and props, which allows yoga to be adaptable and accessible for EVERY body. Through this association, I also taught private yoga lessons and chair yoga classes to senior citizens in the late 90’s, before certification became the norm. Additional study with Himalayan masters, whose practice was rich with philosophy and meditation, helped to round out my yoga education.

Recently, I was fortunate to be able to achieve my 200-hour yoga certification through LivingRoom Yoga, with the fabulously seasoned Teri Goszka and Claudia Simpson as lead instructors.

A self-professed continuing ed junkie, I take frequent classes on Ayurveda lifestyle with Dr. Shekhar at the Ojas Center in Coopersburg and love to share whatever I learn, all with his blessing.

With a background as a massage therapist, I am particularly mindful of the mind/body connection and truly honor the unique path of each person.

I am so looking forward to waking up with fellow yogi’s and yogini’s on Wednesday mornings!

Favorite things: children, grandchildren, creating, sewing, reading, kittens, getting lost in meditation and giving back. 


Kate Daniel


Kate’s career in Pilates began in 2004. She was attracted to the study of Pilates as a way to strengthen her core after experiencing back issues. Kate’s knowledge and awareness of the body began at a very young age, by 8 years old she was already competing in gymnastics and eventually ranked nationally. From there she went on to group fitness and recieved multiple certifications and settled into pilates full-time by 2004.

Kate integrates the alignment and precision of the practice with her natural playful spirit. Her classes are encouraging, supportive, and fun-loving.

When she’s not teaching you can find her in the garden, hiking, practicing yoga, traveling or cooking. Her proudest accomplishments and joy are spending time with her 3 lovely boys.




Christy Rose


CHRISTY is at heart a free-spirit, unearthing and discovering each and everyday. Her journey

began after being called to energy-work and healing. Re-connective therapy and Reiki were her

initial experiences that eventually lead her to study yoga. She is drawn to the healing component

that yoga has to offer and is enthusiastic about sharing and guiding others along their path to


She has had many teachers and inspirations, an early memory was watching her “second mom”,

Oprah. She notes her son Danny, her husband Frank, and best pal Juniper as highly influential

people in her life. When Christy isn’t teaching yoga you can find her connecting with the wisdom

and mystical elements of nature, creating and designing healing spaces, candle-making,

watching a great flick or taking some time to chill with loved ones.