Early 1900's Victorian home set in the heart of Hellertown, PA.  Hardwood floors, pocket doors, stained and beveled glass windows, a fireplace, and a huge front porch, and beautiful craftsmanship gives YogaMos such a distinct and warm feel year round.  A perfect place to practice yoga and craft our movement, our breathe, and our souls.


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Yoga is meant for everybody.  Every person that walks through our door has a different background and comes to yoga for a different reason.  People dealing with stress, anger, anxiety, disease, addiction, pain, body image, flexibility issues, all walk through our door.  Only 1% of the people that come in, already feel great, have no issues, and just want to fine tune their body and mind.  In other words...we all have "shit" to deal with and work on.  That's what we're about and that's our focus.  Traditional yoga connecting with the modern day body, mind, and soul.  Also, it is well known that there is no judgement here.  We are all working towards a common goal.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and confident.  




 Community, friendship, love, and family.  We come here to practice yoga and discover our true nature. We welcome you as you are and we are flexible to honor the energy of the space in the moment. There's a time to be serious and there's a time to laugh and play.  We make sure to find the balance of both.  Leave your stresses, anxieties, egos, and hangups at the door.  We're all working towards one goal: being better people for ourselves and the world around us.